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How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Good Cover Letter?

Cover letter is a very simple task but most people fail to write it properly. After some time, they feel that it is a very daunting task. Still, if you follow certain steps in writing a cover letter, you would become an expert in this subtle art very quickly. Cover letters could accompany several other letters or other writing formats, such as a business letter, a business plan, a resume, a letter having specific attachments, an email, or a letter to employees, business partners, consumers, contacts, etc. However, the covering letter should not duplicate but complement your enclosure or attachment to the cover letter.

A cover letter is also termed as covering letter, motivational letter, or a letter of description. It is a type of introduction letter to which another documents gets attached to or accompanies it. The following types of cover letter formats would give you an idea of how to write a cover letter.

Cover Letter for Employment

When you are applying for a job, you should invariably prepare a covering letter to your resume or curriculum vitae. This letter is your introduction of yourself to a potential employer and it should explain your suitability for the position that you are applying. When employers come across a thoughtfully written or an individualized covering letter from you, they would give more priority to you, compared to other applicants whose cover letters are shabby or who have not bothered to attach a cover letter at all. When you discuss in the covering letter about the company to which you are applying, its present financial, brand, and marketing strengths, the employer would immediately understand that you have taken the trouble of analyzing that company. When you explain how you could be useful to the company, the employer would get even more convinced that you are one of the most potential candidates for the job. As such, the cover letter plays a highly significant role when you apply for a job.

Inter Business Cover Letter

Similarly, when a business person encloses a detailed cover letter to a financial institution along with a business plan for obtaining a loan, the tone and contents of the cover letter would convince the lenders in the beginning itself that this person is really capable of running a business venture successfully. Even though the business plan should be good, the first impression is from the covering letter. The other types of inter business cover letters should explain in detail the purpose of the letter to the recipient.

Internal or Intra Business Covering Letter

If an employer is presenting a business process change to the employees of the organization, a good cover letter that motivates them to accept the business process change and implement it without hesitation is an immediate success for the employer. This type of motivational letter is widely used by many organizations, when they present important issues to their employees, customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders of the company, such as shareholders, lending institutions, other creditors, debtors, government agencies, etc.

Cover Letter Format

The following format for cover letter should suit most applications that require a covering letter, though there would be minor variations from one type of application to another.

  1. Header. The header would contain the name and address of the person sending the covering letter and the contact details of the sender, the date of the letter, and the name and address of the recipient. If the recipient is an employee or an executive of business organization, the designation of the recipient and the company name should be between the name and address of the recipient.
  2. Salutation. The second section is the salutation, such as Dear Mr./Ms. X. On certain occasions, the salutation could be general, such as ‘To Whomsoever It May Concern’, if the exact recipient is not known.
  3. Introduction. The introduction paragraph of the cover letter should briefly state the purpose of the letter, such as the specific position for which the resume is meant, etc. The introduction should be catchy and induce the recipient to continue with the letter with adequate interest.
  4. Body. The body would amplify or highlight the subject matter under discussion. For a job application, the body should discuss about the company and the suitability of a candidate. Other types of covering letters should explain the purpose of the letter.
  5. Closing. The closing section of the covering letter would indicate what action the sender wishes to take after this letter and usually thank the recipient.
  6. Conclusion. The final section would contain a valediction such as ‘Sincerely’ and have a signature line, with the name of the sender. If it is a business letter, the designation of the sender should also be part of the conclusion.

Cover Letter Sample for Submission of Business Plan

Alan Smith
Alan’s Bistro
207, East Madeline Street,
Miami, Florida79206


Ms. Kathy Jones
Miami Bank and Trust
1468 Broad Avenue
Miami, Florida79212

July 15, 2013

Dear Ms. Jones,

I wish to thank you in the beginning for the courtesy that you extended to me during our last meeting when we were discussing my business plan. I am attaching a plan for expansion of my business with this cover letter. I have gone through very carefully through all the needs and requirements of my business. I am confident that the investment by your bank in my business would a good one and definitely profitable for you. I am sure you would be favorably considering the loan that I have requested. I thank you for your kind consideration.

I would like to point out that East Madeline Street is an area that attracts lot of tourists but there are no real bistro restaurants in that area. I wish to provide the bistro experience to the visiting tourists. I have been a great cook and chef throughout my life. I am confident that I would be able to create a unique, pleasant, and profitable experience of a true bistro restaurant.

If you go through my business plan that I have attached to this cover letter, you would find that I would be spending around $12,000 to remodel the old furniture shop in East Madeline Street into the bistro that I am planning. I believe that the profit of the bistro restaurant would be around $80,000 within a year, from the time I open the doors of my bistro to the public by the end of August 2013, with the festival seasons increasing visitors to the bistro and boosting the profit.

I once thank you for your consideration and interest in my proposed business plan. I definitely realize that your time is very valuable. If you feel that you should discuss the business plan I have presented to you with this cover letter in a more elaborate manner, I would be highly pleased to arrange another appointment with you, which I am sure would be worthwhile to me and to your bank.

Alan Smith

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