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Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is a type of exercise of the body but the only difference between yoga and Western exercises is that yoga involves body, mind, intellect, and spirit, while general exercises target only the body. Many people wrongly assume that yoga is something spiritual and never ask the question, “Is yoga good for weight loss?” However, the major problem that the Western society as well as most of the upper classes in most countries encounter is obesity. The lack of adequate body movements due to static working positions in front of computers and the kind of junk food that many people have become addicted to are the main causes for obesity as well as a host of other physical and mental health problems. They include main health issues such as diabetes, ulcers, body pains in several areas, stress, high or low blood pressure, heart or cardiac problems, liver and kidney issues, etc.

Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

Exercises could help in some of these problems but they would aggravate the crisis even further in most of these conditions, since they are body-centric. On the other hand, yoga is an integrated approach to improve human health by addressing all aspects of a human being, such as external body, internal body, nerves, brain, mind, intellect, and spirit. Further, yoga is not just a few postures or breathing exercises but an integrated science that focuses on all aspects of body, mind, and spirit. Hence, weight loss under yoga is quite easy to achieve. The major problem that most humans face is not how many calories they eat but how many calories they burn every day. When the calories consumed are more than the spending, the problems begin to build one by one, with obesity or increase in weigh becoming the biggest problem that invites a host of other health issues.

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga is the easiest and healthiest way of losing weight without any side effects. Still, you have to select the right postures for weight loss and other types of health problems that you encounter, since the yoga poses for weight loss are completely different from the poses for other health issues. The advantage of yoga is that it could address nearly most of the health conditions, if you select the right postures for each type of problem. However, it is a proven fact that yoga definitely leads to weight loss without harmful side effects. The most important issue is that you have to select the best yoga poses for weight loss. Even more important is that you should learn them only from a highly trained yoga master. Yoga CDs and DVDs abound on the Internet but they could never provide you what an experienced yoga master could offer you.

Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss to Strengthen Liver

The main yoga asanas for weight loss should stimulate the fundamental force that controls the lever. The liver is the major detoxifier and cleansing agent in our body and if it remains clean and healthy, then most health problems get neutralized. The liver processes both good and bad fats, disposing of bad fats and making the good fats work in your favor. Thus, the liver plays a crucial role in maintaining the weight and health of the body. When we control the functioning of the liver, achievement of weight loss gets reduced substantially. The major yoga postures that strengthen liver are mainly backbend postures, such as,

  • Dhanurasansa ( bow pose)
  • Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • Matseyndrasana (spinal twist)
  • Chakrasana (wheel pose)


Yoga Postures for Weight Loss to Activate Thyroid Gland


The thyroid gland is a major hormone in our body that controls our body mechanism. The thyroid level also determines the burning of excess fat in our body along with the liver. If the thyroid level is low, it is termed as hypothyroidism. Certain yoga asanas stimulate the thyroid gland and correct this type of dysfunction. The major asanas are sarvangasana or shoulder stand and mastyasana or fish pose.

Hot Yoga Poses for Weight Loss


The major hot yoga poses for weight loss help in controlling the pH balance in the body. Most human beings are acidic with a low pH. In such a situation, the body tries to protect itself from the excess acidity by the storage of fats to use them as buffer. This fat accumulates in the arties and the veins, leading to narrowing down of their passages and obstructing the blood flow. The heart is forced to work more, resulting in coronary diseases, the major one being arteriosclerosis. The pH of the body should be around 7.35, which is slightly alkaline but most people suffer from various health issues due to excess acidity and resultant weight problems. The hot yoga poses for weight loss are paschimottasana or seated forward bending and Janurasana or head to knee posture.

Yoga for Weight Loss for Women


Women have more physical issues than men, such as menstruation, pregnancy, breast feeding, and menopause. These factors create special health problems for them. Hence, they should learn from a good yoga master which yoga postures are good for them in normal conditions and in these stages. The most beneficial yoga for women is surya namaskara or the twelve step sun worship yoga. Still, they should always consult an expert yoga master for the right type of asanas in each one of these conditions.

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